Sewing With Passion – Butterfly Blouse for the Beginner

I learn sewing since I was 9 (quite late actually if I compared to my beloved sister). The first dress I made was the butterfly blouse and all were hand stitched. I will try to search for the blouse and show here ( if  I could as it is already 26 years ago…dang, it gives you my age !!!)

What made me motivated at that time was I love seeing my mom and my sis doing the garments for the family and all sorts of handcrafts work, so I said to my mom “Please teach me”.

So she gave me a square piece of fabric and ask me to fold 3 times as below :


butterfly blouse

I did not know how long the square (c x c )at that time was but as far as I remember it was twice of my hip width, which gives you the ‘c’. After folding it to three or four times, ‘a’ will be formed. From ‘a’, I had to cut the fabric like a pie for the blouse length and another small pie for the neck. In total, ‘b’ is actually the perimeter of my neck, for example 12 inch ( 29 years ago), and the how much I wanted to cut from corner ‘a’ can be calculated by using the formula : 12 = 2πr. Once I had the r value,  I could go down from the top corner ‘a’ with r value and across it like ‘b’.

Phew…it seems so complicated for such a simple blouse like I did. But to me, that’s where the fashion comes from, calculation and mathematics.  Even though I did not learn radius and circumference at that age of 9, but my brother and sister did, they always taught me mathematics in daily life. I was too early to understand but as time goes by I digest it well.

So, as promised,  I will show the blouse I made if I still keep it (either physically or in tangible photo).

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