How do I save my picture from Instagra

This is just a short tip on how to download pictures from Instagram. There are various ways to do but this the simplest one that I always do on my PC/laptop.

1 ) First of all find the picture that we like in Instagram.


2) Right click and select View Page Source


3) A new page source will be opening in a new tab. Press Ctrl+F and type jp (to search instantly for jpg file) as below and try to search the meta data that has og as shown:


4) Once the image location has been mapped, just copy the link and put in the URL bar in the new tab, and click Search OR just choose the ‘Go to’ option:


5) You can have the picture in the downloadable version, just right click and choose Save Image As. The quality might be different from the original version but I only save the photos that I really want from my own Ig as a back up (usually happened when I deleted the original photo in my phone).



Hope this tutorial can be benefited for a good purposes. It is advisable to follow this step if it is only needed for own use and always respect others’ rights.



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