Cash Deposit Machine jammed? Fret not!!

I am sure there are people out there who have faced the same unlucky situation like me : cash jammed!! Yes, that’s really freaking me out. But, stay cool. Just believe that all questions have answers, all problems have solutions.

On 22nd of January, I went to the nearby Maybank to deposit my cash. It was a long and boring queue and I almost canceled my intention to do the deposit. Finally, after 30 minutes of waiting, it was my turn to get my purse empty (ahaa). I inserted all the notes that I had and confirmed the transaction. However, things did not go as I expected. The machine suddenly stopped working and the monitor displayed “WE ARE SORRY da da da…..” The only thing that coming out was the receipt said “CASH JAMMED”.

Oh my!! I was panicked. I kept praying and called my Superman (hubby) for ideas (he could not do much in terms of flying to me instantly but he confronted me via phone and gave some useful links regarding this issue so that I could stay calm and do the necessaries) . Thus, I called the customer service for help plus to get the report number. The staff said I need to wait for 3 working days. What?? I was surprised, worried, and not satisfied at all.  On top of that, I sent an email to the bank (the bank do not have a direct email, so just use the form online) with a copy to me.

On 23rd, I received an sms informing me that the amount has been credited to my account. The bank was very efficient and could solve my case in 24 hours.!! I checked my balance instantly and yes, it’s credited!!! Thus, a reminder for myself is just do not be panic. Reach for help and try to get the case number from customer service and documented it all in the email. The black and white copy is important nowadays as verbal communication can be twisted (or misunderstood).

These 3 details are very important in order to assist the bank for the investigation (by email or call) :

  1. Time, location, and error code on the receipt
  2. CDM ID
  3. Amount inserted

Links from my Superman


Hope, I could avoid this situation in future, but who knows…



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