One Step Further

Being featured in the local newspaper is something a bonus to me. However, it seems that I am more selling offline rather online (which is ironic since I have this website).

Thank you to the Kosmo team who came to my house and interviewed me on my details. Well, of course not all the personal details can be written true but at least the message can be successfully delivered there that I am making an affordable leather product to suit middle class people.

Yes, setting up the price is a little bit tricky to make it “affordable”. But I believe, buy using a selected leather and certain technique of finishing of the product the quality is still maintained.

Here are some snapshots during the interview.


I hope the background could be more bokeh.. :-p



Thanks to the model of the day.  Although the were another shots of my other products taken, I believe they were not related to the rustic theme of the column.

Last but not least, thanks to all of my supportive customers, either you read or may not read this blog post it is such an honour to sew bags for all of you.

Thank you!!!

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