A very valuable tips to become a good bag designer..


Three. The popular number has made its way into every aspect of the world’s creative cultures, from artists to photographers, playwrights to authors, inventors to designers; — all use the Rule of Three. When thinking of concepts for new bag styles, the solution can often lie in the simple adherence to this rule and shifting things around accordingly.

The basic idea of the rule is details and objects that appear in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered pairings. While it is easier to create symmetry by balancing elements in twos, this design trinity helps shape more interesting concepts, creates better visual appeal, enhances user-functionality and establishes a smarter balance. When we view our surroundings, we do so with two eyes. The brain automatically views things in pairs whenever symmetry is presented. By using an odd number, like three, it forces us to go back…

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