Wallet workshop by Steven.W

It was an honour of MOOR to handle such a great leathercraft workshop by Steven.W

Steven.W is a well known brand by his distinct edging effect and he only use the highest quality of material to make his products. He himself is a very detailed person and very smart. On top of that, he is a musician and a chiropractic practitioner which means he has a complete package as an artist – truly art!

The workshop was held on last Friday, 26th April 2019 and packed of knowledge to be passed down to the 6 participants of this program.

Nothing much that I can say he is such a serious person and take the responsibility to teach as his pride. The proof is, since we were all 6, the projects could not be finished on time and he scarifice his time with family to continue to be with us. To him, teach until understand is the ultimate goal. He won’t stop until he satisfies with the result from us.

His lesson is very detailed, and logic must comes first as we need to understand why we are doing the process. Why we must burnish, when not to burnish, and the list goes. His experience is actually more than his own age, and it makes me impressed with him (despite of his look ..ooppsss!)

The tools he used is really mind blowing, hard to find in our local place and ended up we all bought all his tools, and some of his personal tools we did force him to sell to us 🙂 but failed! ahah… what an experience 🙂

We bought all what we used on the table

Advice to the newbies out there, do search a great guru to help you walk through the thorns without bleeding. This is important as we must ensure our path is clear and can move further. Don’t stop learning. The more we learn the better we will be. Steven specialist is in making vegetable tanned products and hence the technique is dedicated to this kind of leather only, not on chrome.

Last but not least, we always wish Steven to have a prosperous life and success in his business. We will definitely pay a visit to Taiwan one day.

p/s: Special thanks to Melody, his beautiful girlfriend for being the photographer of the day 🙂

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